Avella's was created in 2007. It was named after our identical twins Ava and Ella. Ella passed away in the womb, Ava we got to spend 6 weeks with. Avella's was created as an outlet for me create and cope. Since I have been able to adopt 2 beautiful babies. I am know the mom of 5 kids, 3 on earth and 2 in heaven. I love being able to do what I enjoy.

Memo Boards

These don't have to be the exact colors we have below.

This measures:35" X 47" Color: Fabric-Red Ribbon- Black Frame Finish- Dark Walnut stain
Price: $170

This measures: Color: Tan Ribbon: Black and d
Price: $95
My Favorite! These are bigger than they look in the pictures. These are cute way to display a ton of pictures. I also like these because you can use them at christmas time to display christmas cards. We can customize these. We can do paint grade finish in any color (black, cream, red ect.) and pretty much any fabric and ribbon color. Please contact me for more info.


mrs. r said...

ewww! i love it!

cmerkley said...

Lace! I love this so much! you have cute ideas, Where do you sell these