Avella's was created in 2007. It was named after our identical twins Ava and Ella. Ella passed away in the womb, Ava we got to spend 6 weeks with. Avella's was created as an outlet for me create and cope. Since I have been able to adopt 2 beautiful babies. I am know the mom of 5 kids, 3 on earth and 2 in heaven. I love being able to do what I enjoy.


Sorry these aren't the best pictures.

Good Sizes for framing scrapbooking pages!

This is a Large in ReD

Medium Frame in CrEaM

Small Frame in bLaCk

This is the medium in PiNk

This is a picture of the LaRgE bLaCK.

Are standard sizes are
Small: 19x19 Inside 8x8 $20
Medium: 23x23 Inside 12x12 $40
Large: 27x27 Inside 16x16 $60

They colors we have right now are Cream, black, red, pink, and brown


The Hansens said...

I had an idea for the frames. I think we should go to the park and hang them by ribbon from tree branches to take pictures of them for display. With the greenery in the backround I think it would really make them stand out! what do you think?

Sam, Lacey, and Ali said...

I think that is brilliant! Love the idea. When I come to monroe we could do it. Thanks for the idea!

Bagiera said...

These frames are darling!! Do you still have any?