Avella's was created in 2007. It was named after our identical twins Ava and Ella. Ella passed away in the womb, Ava we got to spend 6 weeks with. Avella's was created as an outlet for me create and cope. Since I have been able to adopt 2 beautiful babies. I am know the mom of 5 kids, 3 on earth and 2 in heaven. I love being able to do what I enjoy.


This is our Ballerina Style. It tends to lay more flat and ties on in the back. Petals can also be added to this style for $5 extra.

The back view.

Here our some of the TuTu's we have. Please allow two weeks. They are $20 and I need the waste size or age. I pretty much can do any color. In stock we have bright pink, light pink, brown, green, white, purple, red, black. The also come with a big bow. Any other embelishments are five dolloars more. Please check back soon we hope to have a link to our etsy shop up soon. We have two differnt styles please indicate which style you want.


Aubrey & Garrett Frei said...

Hey there missy, sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, life is busy busy busy! Anyway, I definately need one of your things. It's the onsie that you have the cute fabric on. She bought one at the expo, but loves it and so I want to get another one. Call me and I'll come get one from ya seeing as how I'm a slacker and need it by Tuesday! haha 669-6411. Thanks so much