Avella's was created in 2007. It was named after our identical twins Ava and Ella. Ella passed away in the womb, Ava we got to spend 6 weeks with. Avella's was created as an outlet for me create and cope. Since I have been able to adopt 2 beautiful babies. I am know the mom of 5 kids, 3 on earth and 2 in heaven. I love being able to do what I enjoy.

About me

My family 2010
Ava 2007

Sisters 2007

I am a mom of 5. My main focus is my family. I have been married for 7 years to a wonderful man who helps with my creativity so much. He is always willing to give me his honest opinion and advise.
In my spare time I love to create. Avella's was established in 2007 after loosing our Identical twins Ava and Ella. Ella passed away in the womb. We got to spend 6 short weeks with Ava. We have recently adopted two beautiful babies. I love being able to raise and watch my three kids on earth and can't wait to be reunited with my two in heaven.

I have a passion for running. I love to support the March of Dimes. I love adoption. I am the happiest when I am creating or deigning.